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Gathlain Court Title Feats

Description Source Plane-Hopper's Handbook pg. 22
The courts of the Eldest have many fanciful titles, and the strange logic of the fey means bearing one of them can grant a creature unusual powers. The following feats represent the metaphysical weight of gaining a title from a fey patron. Generally, the following titles are available only to creatures with the fey creature type (most frequently gathlains), but loyal and particularly impressive servants of the Eldest can court the favor of the fey with audacious deeds, and are sometimes rewarded by being made peers.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Ineffable Count of the ClockFey creature type or Fey Obedience (Shyka), you must have either visited or interacted with an outsider from the Dimension of TimeYou can borrow speed from the future
Knight of the Twisted WordFey creature type or Fey Obedience (Count Ranalc), character level 7th, you must have betrayed or deceived in a major fashion a demon with a CR at least 2 higher than your level when you took the featGain glibness as a spell-like ability used once per day
Marcher-Lord of the Cerulean AbyssFey creature type or Fey Obedience (Ragadahn), you must have carved your name and Ragadahn's holy symbol on the hide of a living dragon or outsider with either the aquatic or water subtype and a CR at least 2 higher than your level when you took the featCreatures you hit take a -2 penalty to CMB and CMD for one round
Triple-BaronFey creature type or Fey Obedience (Magdh), you must have collected three gifts worth at least 100 gp each from three different planes across the Great Beyond. At least two of the planes must be diametrically opposed to one another in terms of planar traitsThree times per day, you can roll three dice and use the middle result