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Baba Yaga's Rider, Black Rider13feyany
Baba Yaga's Rider, Red Rider12feyany
Baba Yaga's Rider, White Rider11feyany
Baboon1/2animalwarm forests or plains
Bacallia1animaltemperate hills or mountains
Badger1/2animal temperate forests
Badger, Dire Badger2animal temperate forests
Baetriov8undeadany urban
Bagiennik6fey (aquatic)cold rivers
Bagman4feyany urban
Bakekujira17undead (aquatic)any oceans
Baku8magical beastany
Baku Dreamweaver11magical beastany
Bandersnatch17magical beastany forests
Banshee13undead (incorporeal) any
Baregara12outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)warm forests (Abyss)
Barghest4outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, shapechanger)any
Barghest, Greater Barghest7outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, shapechanger)
Barometz15plantany forests
Barrow Hound6feyany (the First World)
Basavan15monstrous humanoidtemperate forests or mountains
Basidirond5plantany non-cold underground
Basilisk5magical beastany
Bat, Bat Swarm2animal (swarm)any temperate or tropical
Bat, Dire Bat2animalany temperate or tropical
Bat, Mobat3magical beast temperate or warm forests, hills, or underground
Bat, Skaveling5undead any underground
Bat, Sootwing Bat1/2undeadany land
Bear, Dire Bear (Cave Bear)7animalcold forests
Bear, Dire Polar Bear8animalcold coastlines or plains
Bear, Grizzly Bear4animalcold forests
Bear, Polar Bear5animalcold coastlines or plains
Beatific One9outsider (asura, evil)any
Bebilith10outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any (the Abyss)
Bee, Giant Bee1vermin temperate or warm plains
Bee, Giant Queen Bee5vermin temperate or warm plains
Beetle, Dark Spitter Beetle3verminany underground
Beetle, Fire Beetle1/3verminany
Beetle, Giant Stag Beetle4vermintemperate forests
Beetle, Goliath Stag Beetle8vermin warm forests or plains
Beetle, Juggernaut Beetle14magical beastany underground
Beetle, Scarab Beetle6verminwarm deserts (Osirion)
Beetle, Slicer Beetle4vermin temperate forests
Beetle, Stalk Beetle2verminwarm deserts (Rahadoum)
Beheaded, Flaming Skull1/2undeadany
Beheaded, Giant Beheaded2undeadany
Beheaded, Medusa Head3undeadany
Beheaded, Severed Head1/3undeadany
Beheaded, Skull Swarm1undead (swarm)any
Behemoth, Ravener18magical beastany forest, hill, jungle, or plains
Behemoth, Tempest Behemoth22magical beast (air, behemoth)any air
Behemoth, Thalassic Behemoth20magical beast (aquatic, behemoth, water)any water
Behemoth, Thunder Behemoth18magical beast (behemoth, earth)any land
Behir8magical beastwarm hills and deserts
Belker6outsider (air, elemental, evil) any (Plane of Air)
Belostomatid3vermintemperate lakes, rivers, or swamps
Benaioh, Benaioh (Clay Vessel)7constructany mountains or underground
Benaioh, Benaioh (Ooze Form)7oozeany mountains or underground
Berbalang6undeadany land
Bhole17magical beastany underground
Bhuta11undead (incorporeal)any aboveground natural area
Biloko1/2feywarm forests
Birelu10outsider (extraplanar, incorporeal)any forest, mountain, or plains
Bisha Ga Tsuku9outsider (cold, native)cold hills or mountains
Black Jinni12outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)warm deserts
Black Pudding7oozeany underground
Black Shuck7magical beasttemperate coasts or marshes
Blackwisp Egret1/3animaltemperate swamps
Blast Shadow5undead (fire)
Blight, Cave Blight19ooze (blight)any underground
Blight, Desert Blight13ooze (blight)any deserts
Blight, Forest Blight18ooze (blight)any forests
Blight, Mountain Blight14ooze (blight)any mountains
Blight, Sewer Blight15ooze (blight)any underground (sewers)
Blight, Swamp Blight17ooze (aquatic, blight)any swamps
Blight, Tundra Blight16ooze (blight, cold)cold plains or glaciers
Blighted Fey (Satyr)6feytemperate forests (Nirmathas)
Blighted Fey Satyr6feytemperate forests
Blightspawn5aberrationany swamps
Blightspawn of Ghlaunder5aberration
Blindheim2magical beast any underground
Blink Dog2magical beast temperate plains or forests
Blodeuwedd6feytemperate plains
Blood Algae Swarm8plant (swarm)temperate or warm rivers
Blood Bramble10planttemperate forests
Blood Lily10plant (aquatic)warm coastlines or underwater
Blood Maize2planttemperate or warm plains
Blood Queen23outsider (native)any
Bloodbrush2plantcold or temperate plains
Bloodhaze Mosquito Swarm6vermin (swarm)warm forests and swamps
Bloodless Vessel12undead
Bloodplate Burster9planttemperate or warm deserts or plains
Bloody Bones10undeadany land
Boar2animaltemperate or tropical forests
Boar, Bristle Boar3animalany plains or hills
Boar, Dire Boar (Daeodon)4animaltemperate or tropical forests
Bodak8undead (extraplanar) any land (evil Outer Plane)
Bodythief14planttemperate or warm forests
Bodythief, Pod-Spawned Guard Captain8plant (augmented humanoid)any
Bog Strider2monstrous humanoidtemperate or warm swamps
Boggard2humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Abyssal Warrior8humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Brute3humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Champion7humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Farcroaker3humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Hunter5humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Priest-King11humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Prophet5humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Savage4humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Scarred One6humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Stalker9humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggard, Boggard Swampseer4humanoid (boggard)temperate marshes
Boggart4feytemperate forests or swamps
Boggle8fey (shapechanger)any land
Bogwid5aberrationany swamps or underground
Bogwiggle1aberration (aquatic)temperate swamps
Bolla14magical beastcold or temperate mountains
Bone Priest4undeadany
Bone Ship18undead (water)any oceans
Bonestorm8undead (swarm)any
Bonewrought Willow3plant (extraplanar)any land (The Boneyard)
Bore Worm, Bore Worm Monarch7verminany underground
Bore Worm, Bore Worm Swarm5vermin (swarm)any underground
Bore Worm, Empress Bore Worm10verminany underground
Boreal Creature, Boreal Annis Hag7monstrous humanoid (cold)cold marshes
Boreal Creature, Boreal Manticore6magical beast (cold)cold forests
Boreal Creature, Boreal Wolf2magical beast (cold)cold forests
Botfly, Botfly Swarm4vermin (swarm)warm jungles and swamps
Botfly, Giant Botfly1/3verminwarm jungle
Brain Mole1magical beasttemperate forests, hills, or plains
Brain Mole, Brain Mole Monarch5magical beasttemperate forests, hills, or plains
Brain Ooze7oozeany ruins or underground
Bramble Throne16planttemperate forests
Brambleblight7planttemperate or warm forests or underground
Bramblelash1plantcold or temperate forests
Breathless Orchid2planttemperate forests
Brethedan5aberrationany sky
Broken Soul, Broken Soul Lillend9outsider (azata, chaotic, extraplanar, evil)any
Brownie1fey temperate forests or plains
Bugbear2humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Ambusher10humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Bloodmage11humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Cultist7humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Flesh Glutton8humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Gnasher4humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Lurker8humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Shadow Sneak10humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Stalker5humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Bugbear, Bugbear Tyrant13humanoid (goblinoid)temperate mountains
Buggane5monstrous humanoidany underground
Bulabar1feyany (First World)
Bulette7magical beasttemperate hills
Bulette, Xenarth10outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, native)
Bunyip3magical beast (aquatic) any aquatic
Buraq5magical beastwarm mountains
Burleev4outsider (cold or fire, extraplanar)any (Maelstrom)
Burning Child10undead (fire)temperate plains
Burstigeit3magical beastany underground
Byakhee4aberrationany air