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Faceless Hulk (Ugoroth)9aberration (shapechanger)any hills or mountains
Faceless Stalker4aberration (shapechanger)any swamps or underground
Faceless Whale15magical beastany water
Fachen5aberrationtemperate hills or plains
Fading Fox2animalany temperate land
Faerie Mount1animaltemperate forests, hills, or plains (First World)
Fafnheir24dragonany (Grungir Forest)
Failed Prophet11construct (augmented humanoid)any underground or urban
Fallen8undead (incorporeal)any
Familiar, Archaeopteryx1/4animaltemperate or warm forests
Familiar, Arctic Hare1/6animalcold forests and plains
Familiar, Arctic Tern1/6animalcold coastlines
Familiar, Armadillo1/4animaltemperate or warm plains
Familiar, Bat1/8animaltemperate and hot forests and deserts
Familiar, Blue-Ringed Octopus1/2animal (aquatic)temperate or cold aquatic
Familiar, Butterfly/Moth-verminany temperate or warm
Familiar, Cat1/4animaltemperate and hot plains or urban
Familiar, Chicken1/6animalany temperate
Familiar, Cockroach1/8verminany
Familiar, Creeper Ivy1/4planttemperate forests and urban
Familiar, Dodo1/4animalwarm coastlines and plains
Familiar, Donkey Rat1/4animaltemperate coast or forest
Familiar, Dwarf Caiman1/3animalwarm swamps and rivers
Familiar, Dweomer Cap1/8plantany underground
Familiar, Fire Salamander1/3animaltemperate forests
Familiar, Flowering Lattice1/6planttemperate or warm hills
Familiar, Flying Fox1/3animalwarm forests
Familiar, Flying Squirrel1/3animaltemperate forests
Familiar, Fox1/4animalany
Familiar, Giant Isopod1/8vermin (aquatic)any ocean
Familiar, Giant Tardigrade1/8vermin (aquatic)any
Familiar, Goat1/3animalany
Familiar, Hawk1/3animaltemperate forests
Familiar, Hedgehog1/8animal tropical or temperate forests
Familiar, Horned Lizard1/6animalwarm desert
Familiar, House Centipede1/8vermin temperate or warm forest or underground
Familiar, Ioun Wyrd1/3constructany
Familiar, Jerboa1/6animalwarm deserts
Familiar, Kakapo1/8animalwarm jungles
Familiar, King Crab1/4vermin (aquatic)any aquatic
Familiar, Koala1/4animaltemperate and warm forests
Familiar, Lamprey1/3animal (aquatic)temperate oceans
Familiar, Lemming1/8animalcold plains
Familiar, Leopard Slug-vermintemperate forests
Familiar, Lizard1/6animalany temperate or warm
Familiar, Margay Cat1/4animalwarm forests
Familiar, Meerkat1/4animalwarm plains
Familiar, Mole (FF)1/6animalany land
Familiar, Mole (UW)1/8animalany land
Familiar, Monkey1/4animalwarm forests
Familiar, Otter1/4animalany water
Familiar, Owl1/3animaltemperate forests
Familiar, Peacock1/4animal
Familiar, Peafowl1/4animaltemperate or warm forests
Familiar, Penguin1/3animalcold plains
Familiar, Petrifern1/6plantany forest
Familiar, Pig1/3animalany
Familiar, Platypus1/6animaltemperate or tropical rivers
Familiar, Popoto Dolphin1/3animaltemperate oceans
Familiar, Ptarmigan1/6animalcold forests and plains
Familiar, Pufferfish1/4animalwarm oceans
Familiar, Puffin1/8animalcold coastlines
Familiar, Rabbit1/6animaltemperate plains
Familiar, Raccoon1/2animaltemperate forests
Familiar, Rat1/4animalany temperate
Familiar, Raven1/6animalany temperate
Familiar, Ravenous Tumbleweed1/3plantwarm deserts or plains
Familiar, Razor Fern1/4planttemperate forests
Familiar, Red Panda1/2animaltemperate forests or mountains
Familiar, Rhamphorhynchus1/3animalwarm coastlines or forests
Familiar, Sawleg Locust1/4verminany desert or plains
Familiar, Scarlet Spider1/4vermin any
Familiar, Seal1/3animalany oceans
Familiar, Shimmerwing Dragonfly1/4vermintemperate or warm swamps
Familiar, Sloth1/6animalwarm forests
Familiar, Spiny Starfish1/6verminany ocean
Familiar, Squirrel1/8animaltemperate forests
Familiar, Suture Vine1/3planttemperate forests
Familiar, Tarsier1/6animaltemperate or warm forests
Familiar, Thrush1/3animal temperate forests
Familiar, Toad1/8animaltemperate and warm forests
Familiar, Trilobite1/4vermin (aquatic)any oceans
Familiar, Tuatara1/4animaltemperate islands
Familiar, Vampire Squid1/2animalany oceans
Familiar, Viper1/2animalany temperate and warm
Familiar, Wallaby1/3animaltemperate or warm forests
Familiar, Weasel1/2animaltemperate hills
Fantionette4outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any (Abyss or Axis)
Fastachee11feyany temperate land
Faun1feytemperate forests
Fear Eater5feyany underground
Feargaunt9outsider (extraplanar, incorporeal)any (Dimension of Dreams)
Feeder in the Depths8magical beastany oceans
Fell Flotsam6undeadtropical marshes
Fellsig3undead (fire)any mountains or underground
Fen Mauler10monstrous humanoidtemperate swamps
Feranth14magical beastwarm deserts or mountains
Festering Spirit8undead (incorporeal)any land or underground
Festrog1undeadany land
Fetchling1/2outsider (native)any (Plane of Shadow)
Fey Animal3fey (augmented animal)cold forests
Fey Creature, Fey Giant Toad3feytemperate forests, plains, or swamps
Fiend-Bred Animal, Chelish Hell-Bred Dog2animaltemperate or warm forests or plains
Fiend-Bred Animal, Quillcat1animalany forest
Fiend-Bred Animal, Stygian Hot-Blooded Horse2animaltemperate or warm plains
Firbolg4humanoid (giant)temperate hills or forests
Fire Whale16magical beast (extraplanar)any (Plane of Fire)
Fish, Dunkleosteus6animal (aquatic)any oceans
Fish, Giant Blowfish5animal (aquatic)warm oceans
Fish, Swordfish2animal (aquatic)any ocean
Fish, Tiger Fish1animal (aquatic)warm rivers or swamps
Fish, Varisian Hagfish1animal (aquatic)temperate water
Flail Snail4magical beastunderground
Flea, Giant Flea1/2verminany land or underground
Flea, Mammoth Flea2vermintemperate forests, hills, mountains, or plains
Fleshdreg1aberrationany ruins
Fleshdreg Swarm2aberration (swarm)any ruins
Fleshwarp, Drider7aberrationany underground
Fleshwarp, Ghonhatine10aberrationany underground
Fleshwarp, Grothlut3aberrationany underground
Fleshwarp, Halsora7aberrationany underground
Fleshwarp, Irnakurse9aberrationany underground
Fleshwarp, Oronci5aberrationany underground (Darklands)
Floodslain Creature, Floodslain Arsinoitherium8undead (augmented animal)any plains
Floodslain Creature, Floodslain Orc3undead (augmented humanoid)any plains or ruins
Flotsam Terror4undeadany ocean
Flumph1aberrationany land or underground
Fluxwraith17undead (incorporeal)any
Flying Polyp14aberration (air)any
Foo Creature, Foo Dog2outsider (augmented animal, good, extraplanar)any (Nirvana)
Foo Creature, Foo Lion4outsider (augmented animal, good, extraplanar)any (Nirvana)
Forge Spurned5undead (fire)
Forgefiend (Scanderig)10outsider (earth, extraplanar) any underground (Plane of Earth)
Forlarren2feytemperate plains or forests
Formian, Formian Myrmarch10monstrous humanoidwarm or temperate land or underground
Formian, Formian Queen17monstrous humanoidwarm or temperate land or underground
Formian, Formian Taskmaster7monstrous humanoidwarm or temperate land or underground
Formian, Formian Warrior3monstrous humanoidwarm or temperate land or underground
Formian, Formian Worker1/2monstrous humanoidwarm or temperate land or underground
Formless Spawn10oozetemperate ruins
Forsaken Legion, Forsaken Arbalester3undeadany ruins (Cheliax or Rahadoum)
Forsaken Legion, Forsaken Defender4undeadany ruins (Cheliax or Rahadoum)
Forsaken Legion, Forsaken Foot Soldier2undeadany ruins (Cheliax or Rahadoum)
Fossegrim4fey (aquatic)cold or temperate water (waterfalls)
Freezing Flow4ooze (cold, water)any cold
Frightful Haunter8undead (incorporeal)any
Frog, Frog Father5animalwarm marshes or water
Frog, Giant Frog1animaltemperate or warm marshes and aquatic
Frog, Goliath Frog3animalwarm marshes or water
Frog, Poison Frog1/2animalwarm marshes and aquatic
Froghemoth13aberrationtemperate marsh
Frost Fir1plant (cold)cold and temperate forests
Frost Worm12magical beast (cold)cold plains or mountains
Frostfallen Creature, Frostfallen Mammoth10undead (cold)any cold land
Frosty Chiseler4fey (cold)any cold
Fuldrex11planttemperate forests or underground
Fungal Crawler3aberrationany underground
Fungal Creature, Fungal Nymph8plant (augmented fey)any ruins or underground
Fungus Queen9plant (extraplanar)any underground
Furcifer13magical beastany forest