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Maenad8monstrous humanoidtemperate forests or plains
Maftet6monstrous humanoidtemperate and warm deserts and mountains
Magma Ooze7ooze (fire)any volcano or underground
Magmin3outsider (elemental, extraplanar, fire)any land (Plane of Fire)
Makara Vahana9magical beast (aquatic, augmented animal)any
Malbolgian Cerberi12outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful)any (Hell)
Mamiwa2outsider (air, elemental, native, water)any
Mana Wastes Mutant (Gnoll)4aberration (augmented humanoid, gnoll)warm plains or deserts (the Mana Wastes)
Manananggal7undeadany land
Manasaputra, Maharishi Manu16outsider (extraplanar, good, lawful, manasaputra)any (Material Plane or Positive Energy Plane)
Manasaputra, Manu12outsider (extraplanar, good, lawful, manasaputra)any (Material Plane or Positive Energy Plane)
Manasaputra, Rishi Manu14outsider (extraplanar, good, lawful, manasaputra)any (Material Plane or Positive Energy Plane)
Manasaputra, Twilight Pitri (Barhisad)18outsider (extraplanar, good, lawful, manasaputra)any (Positive Energy Plane)
Mandragora4plantcold or temperate forests
Man-Eating Animal, Man-Eating Aurochs3magical beasttemperate plains
Manitou15outsider (native)any plains or forests
Manticore5magical beastwarm hills and marshes
Mantis, Deadly Mantis11vermintropical jungles (Mediogalti Island)
Mantis, Giant Mantis3vermintemperate forests
Mapinguari11magical beastwarm forests
Marax11animalwarm forests or plains
Mederach9outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, good)any (Elysium)
Medusa7monstrous humanoidtemperate marshes and underground
Medusa, Eygreas13monstrous humanoid
Megafauna, Archelon5animalwarm or temperate water or coastlines
Megafauna, Arsinoitherium7animaltemperate plains
Megafauna, Baluchitherium8animalwarm forests
Megafauna, Basilosaurus12animalany oceans
Megafauna, Brontotherium8animalany plains
Megafauna, Chalicotherium6animaltemperate forests
Megafauna, Deinotherium7animalany forests or plains
Megafauna, Elasmotherium9animaltemperate forests or plains
Megafauna, Embolotherium5animalany plains
Megafauna, Glyptodon6animaltemperate plains
Megafauna, Kaprosuchus5animalwarm forests
Megafauna, Megalania7animalwarm forests or plains
Megafauna, Megaloceros4animalcold or temperate forest and plains
Megafauna, Megatherium5animaltemperate or warm forest
Megafauna, Moa2animalwarm plains
Megafauna, Titanoboa13animalwarm swamps
Megafauna, Uintatherium7animaltemperate swamps
Melacage5undead (incorporeal)any
Melfesh Monster6plant (extraplanar)any (Varisia)
Menotherian15outsider (chaotic, elf, extraplanar, shapechanger)any
Mephit3outsider (varies)any (elemental planes)
Mercane5outsider (extraplanar)any land or underground
Merfolk1/3humanoid (aquatic)temperate ocean
Merlucent3aberration (aquatic)any ocean
Merrow, Freshwater Merrow3humanoid (aquatic, giant)temperate lakes or rivers
Merrow, Saltwater Merrow6humanoid (aquatic, giant)temperate oceans
Mezlan14ooze (shapechanger)any
Miengu11fey (aquatic)any aquatic
Mihstu8outsider (air, elemental, extraplanar)any (Plane of Air)
Mimic4aberration (shapechanger)any
Mimic Ooze9oozeany land
Mindslaver Mold3plantany
Mindspin Ram2animalcold mountains
Minotaur4monstrous humanoidtemperate ruins or underground
Minotaur, Labyrinth Guardian8undead (augmented monstrous humanoid)temperate ruins or underground
Minotaur, Labyrinth Minotaur16outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any (Ivory Labyrinth)
Minotaur, Minotaur Marauder6monstrous humanoidtemperate ruins or underground
Minotaur, Prophet of Baphomet13monstrous humanoidtemperate ruins or underground
Minotaur, Tangle Tender10monstrous humanoidtemperate ruins or underground
Mire Nettle2planttemperate swamps
Mirror Man5constructany land
Mirror Serpent5magical beast (aquatic)any coastlines
Mite1/4feyany underground
Mngwa7magical beastwarm forests
Mobogo10magical beast (aquatic)temperate swamps
Mockingfey1fey any forests
Moit of Shub-Niggurath, Spawning Canker9aberrationany land
Mokele-Mbembe9animaltropical lakes or rivers
Moldwretch7plantany swamps or underground
Mome Rath2animaltemperate forests (First World)
Mongrel Giant, Mongrel Cave Giant6humanoid (giant)
Mongrel Giant, Mongrel Cave Giant7humanoid (giant)any underground
Mongrelman1monstrous humanoidany ruins or underground
Monkey Swarm2animal (swarm)warm forests
Moon Dog9outsider (extraplanar, good)any (Nirvana)
Moon-Beast11aberrationany land
Moonflower8plantany land
Moose3animalcold forests
Morgodea4feyany urban
Morlock2monstrous humanoidany underground
Mortic, Angheuvore2humanoid (elf, mortic)any
Mortic, Etioling10humanoid (gnome, mortic)any
Mortic, Gurgist6humanoid (human, mortic)any
Mortic, Jitterbone4humanoid (halfling, mortic)any
Mortic, Lifeleecher8humanoid (mortic, orc)temperate hills, mountains, or underground
Mortic, Relictner12humanoid (dwarf, mortic)any ruins
Mosquito, Giant Mosquito6vermintemperate or tropical swamps
Mosquito, Mosquito Swarm3vermin (swarm)tropical swamps
Mosslord18planttemperate forests
Mothman6monstrous humanoidany land
Mothman, Mothman Elder12monstrous humanoid
Mu Spore21plantany
Muckdweller1/4magical beasttemperate marshes
Mudlord6outsider (earth, elemental, water)temperate or warm marshes or underground
Muhuru10magical beastwarm forests
Mummified Animals, Mummified Baboon1/2undeadwarm ruins
Mummified Animals, Mummified Crocodile2undeadwarm ruins
Mummified Animals, Mummified Elephant9undeadwarm ruins
Mummified Animals, Mummified Hippopotamus6undeadwarm ruins
Mummified Creature, Mummified Gynosphinx9undead (augmented magical beast)warm ruins
Mummy Lord10undead (augmented human)any
Munavri1humanoid (munavri)any underground
Murajau5monstrous humanoid (aquatic, extraplanar)any water (Plane of Water)
Mutant, Mutant Orc7aberration (orc)any (Numeria)
Mutant, Mutant Orc7aberration (augmented orc)any
Myceloid4plantany underground