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Nachzehrer12undeadany forest
Naga, Dark Naga8aberrationany underground
Naga, Deep Naga12aberrationany underground
Naga, Dream Naga9aberration (extraplanar)any (Dimension of Dreams)
Naga, Guardian Naga10aberrationtemperate plains
Naga, Lunar Naga6aberrationany land
Naga, Royal Naga11aberration (shapechanger)any land
Naga, Slime Naga9aberrationany underground
Naga, Spirit Naga9aberrationtemperate marshes
Naga, Water Naga7aberration (aquatic)temperate water
Nagaji1/2humanoid (reptilian)warm forests or hills
Naiad1/2fey (water)any freshwater
Narrik7aberrationany underground
Necrocraft3undeadany land or underground
Nehushtan2magical beastwarm deserts and hills
Nekomata6magical beast (shapechanger)any land
Nemhain15undead (incorporeal)any
Neothelid15aberrationany underground
Neothelid Overlord20aberrationany underground
Nependis9monstrous humanoidtemperate forests
Nephilim8outsider (native)warm hills
Nephlei9outsider (air, extraplanar)any sky (Plane of Air)
Nereid10fey (water)any aquatic
Neshmaal12outsider (extraplanar, incorporeal)any
Ngoga7magical beastwarm jungles
Nightgaunt4monstrous humanoid (extraplanar)any mountains (Dimension of Dreams)
Nightmare5outsider (evil, extraplanar)any (Abaddon)
Nightmare Bats3outsider (evil, extraplanar)Hell
Nightmare Creature, Nightmare Ettercap4aberrationtemperate forests
Nightmare, Cauchemar11outsider (evil, extraplanar)any (Abaddon)
Nightshade, Nightcrawler18undead (extraplanar, nightshade)any (Negative Energy Plane)
Nightshade, Nightprowler10undead (extraplanar, nightshade)any (Negative Energy Plane)
Nightshade, Nightwalker16undead (extraplanar, nightshade)any (Negative Energy Plane)
Nightshade, Nightwave20undead (aquatic, extraplanar, nightshade)any (Negative Energy Plane)
Nightshade, Nightwing14undead (extraplanar, nightshade)any (Negative Energy Plane)
Nihiloi11outsider (extraplanar)any (Plane of Shadow)
Nimbral Child11outsider (evil, extraplanar)any land (Shadow Plane)
Ningen16monstrous humanoidcold oceans
Ningyo1monstrous humanoid (aquatic)warm oceans
Ningyo1monstrous humanoid (aquatic)warm oceans
Ningyo, Undead Ningyo1undead (aquatic)any aquatic or land
Nirento4plantwarm forests or plains
Nirento, Elder Nirento6plant
Nisid4feyany island
Nixie1fey (aquatic)temperate water
Nochlean3feytemperate forests
Norn18feycold mountains
Nuckelavee9fey (aquatic)cold swamps or coastlines
Nue10magical beastwarm forests or mountains
Nulmind11planttemperate forests
Nycar2dragon (aquatic)cold marshes
Nymph7feytemperate forest