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Gaki7undeadany land
Gale Spirit6undead (incorporeal)any
Gallerok2animalany underground
Galluvix2magical beastany land
Galvo9magical beast (aquatic)any water
Gammenore8magical beast (cold)any cold
Ganzi1/2outsider (native)any (Maelstrom)
Gar1animal (aquatic)temperate freshwater
Gar, Giant Gar6animal (aquatic)temperate freshwater
Garden Ooze2oozetemperate forests, marshes, and urban
Gargiya10magical beast (aquatic)warm oceans
Gargoyle4monstrous humanoid (earth)any
Gargoyle, Four-Armed Gargoyle9monstrous humanoid (earth)
Gargoyle, Gargoyle Abductor10monstrous humanoid (earth)
Gargoyle, Gargoyle Guardian8constructany land
Gargoyle, Kapoacinth Hunter7monstrous humanoid (aquatic, earth)
Garipan10outsider (native)any (Material Plane only)
Garuda9outsider (native)tropical hills and mountains
Gathlain1/2feytemperate forests or jungles
Gearghost5undeadany urban or underground
Gegenees16monstrous humanoid (giant)any temperate or warm land
Geist9undead (incorporeal)any (haunted sites or ruins)
Gelatinous Cube3oozeany underground
Genghryl11magical beastany plains
Genie, Djinni5outsider (air, extraplanar)any (Plane of Air)
Genie, Efreeti8outsider (extraplanar, fire)any (Plane of Fire)
Genie, Janni4outsider (native)warm deserts
Genie, Marid9outsider (extraplanar, water)any (Plane of Water)
Genie, Shaitan7outsider (earth, extraplanar)any (Plane of Earth)
Genie-Touched Horse6magical beastwarm plains
Geomaw7aberrationany underground
Gerbie4feyany (First World)
Get of Iblis13aberration (aquatic)any
Ghalshoaton9outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful)Hell, ramlock's hallow (demiplane), desert
Ghelarn2aberrationcold or temperate deserts
Gholdako10undeadwarm coasts
Ghole12monstrous humanoidany land
Ghorazagh13aberrationany underground
Ghost7undead (augmented humanoid, incorporeal)any
Ghoul1undeadany land
Ghoul Hound1undeadany land
Ghoul, Ancient Gravedigger10undeadany land
Ghoul, Ghoul Commander8undeadany land
Ghoul, Ghoul Creeper3undeadany land
Ghoul, Ghoul Huntsmaster7undeadany land
Ghoul, Ghoul Monarch12undeadany land
Ghoul, Ghoul Stalker6undeadany land
Ghoul, Leng Ghoul10undead (extraplanar)any
Ghoul, Masked Murderer8undeadany land
Ghul5undead (shapechanger)warm deserts
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant10humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant Doombringer18humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant Glaive12humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant King20humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant Lieutenant16humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant Magmablade17humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant Queen19humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Fire), Fire Giant Strongarm13humanoid (fire, giant)warm mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant9humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant Battle Priest13humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant Elite Scout13humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant Houndmaster14humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant Hunter11humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant Ice Mage12humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant Jarl18humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant (Frost), Frost Giant Raider11humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains
Giant Ant Spore Zombie3undead (augmented vermin)any
Giant Belostomatid3vermin (aquatic)temperate lakes, rivers, or swamps
Giant Devil's Tooth6plantany forest
Giant Dragonfly4vermin temperate or warm land
Giant Dragonfly, Giant Dragonfly Nymph3vermin (aquatic) temperate or warm water
Giant Fly1verminany temperate or tropical
Giant Flytrap10planttemperate swamps
Giant Ground Cricket2vermintemperate forests
Giant Hellgrammite5vermin (aquatic)temperate rivers
Giant Maggot1/2verminany temperate or tropical
Giant Mantis Shrimp9vermin (aquatic)warm coastlines
Giant Muckdweller2magical beasttemperate marshes
Giant Raven1animalany temperate
Giant Scarab6verminwarm deserts
Giant Sea Anemone2vermin (aquatic)any oceans or coastlines
Giant Slug8vermintemperate and warm marshes and underground
Giant Starfish8vermin (aquatic)any coastlines or oceans
Giant Stargazer4animal (aquatic)any oceans
Giant Sundew12planttemperate swamps
Giant Termite3verminwarm forests, plains, or underground
Giant Tube Worm2vermin (aquatic)any oceans
Giant, Ash Giant11humanoid (giant)any wastelands
Giant, Cave Giant6humanoid (giant)any underground
Giant, Cliff Giant9humanoid (giant)temperate or warm deserts or plains
Giant, Cloud Giant11humanoid (giant)temperate mountains
Giant, Desert Giant9humanoid (giant)warm desert
Giant, Eclipse Giant19humanoid (giant)temperate plains
Giant, Hill Giant7humanoid (giant)temperate hills
Giant, Jungle Giant10humanoid (giant)warm forests
Giant, Marsh Giant8humanoid (giant)temperate marshes
Giant, Moon Giant15humanoid (giant)warm hills or mountains
Giant, Mountain Giant18humanoid (giant)any mountains
Giant, Ocean Giant14humanoid (aquatic, giant)any oceans
Giant, Plague Giant14humanoid (giant)any land
Giant, River Giant6humanoid (giant)any rivers
Giant, Rune Giant17humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Giant, Shadow Giant13humanoid (extraplanar, giant)any (Plane of Shadow)
Giant, Shadow Giant13humanoid (extraplanar, giant)any land (Shadow Plane)
Giant, Slag Giant7humanoid (giant)warm mountains or underground
Giant, Stone Giant8humanoid (giant)temperate mountains
Giant, Storm Giant13humanoid (giant)any warm
Giant, Sun Giant16humanoid (giant)warm deserts or mountains
Giant, Taiga Giant12humanoid (giant)cold mountains or forests
Giant, Tomb Giant12humanoid (giant)any land or underground
Giant, Tomb Giant12humanoid (giant)any land or underground
Giant, Vault Giant17humanoid (aquatic, giant, reptilian)any coastal (Sightless Sea)
Giant, Wood Giant6humanoid (giant)temperate forests
Gibbering Mouther5aberrationany underground
Gigas Clam11magical beast (aquatic)any oceans
Gigas, Abaddon Gigas17humanoid (evil, extraplanar, giant)any (Abaddon)
Gigas, Abyss Gigas16humanoid (chaotic, evil, extraplanar, giant)any (Abyss)
Gigas, Hell Gigas15humanoid (evil, extraplanar, giant, lawful)any (Hell)
Gillman1/3humanoid (aquatic)temperate ocean
Gillman, Awakened Agent11humanoid (aquatic)temperate ocean
Gillman, Ship Scavenger5humanoid (aquatic)temperate ocean
Gillman, Squall Seer9humanoid (aquatic)temperate ocean
Gillman, Wet-House Emissary7humanoid (aquatic)temperate ocean
Ginever5monstrous humanoidany urban
Girallon6magical beastwarm forests
Girtablilu8monstrous humanoidwarm deserts
Girtablilu, Divine Chieftain14monstrous humanoidwarm deserts
Girtablilu, Dune Strider11monstrous humanoidwarm deserts
Girtablilu, Quick Striker12monstrous humanoidwarm deserts
Girtablilu, Raging Sting9monstrous humanoidwarm deserts
Gishvit1/2outsider (extraplanar, lawful)any (Axis)
Gliding Tutle2animaltemperate forests and coasts
Glimmerhollow9ooze (earth, extraplanar)any underground (Plane of Earth)
Globster5ooze (aquatic)any oceans or coastlines
Gloomwasp6magical beastany underground
Gloomwing4outsider (extraplanar)any (Plane of Shadow)
Gluttongrass1plantany plains
Gnoll1humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Chosen of Lamashtu12humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Eye of Lamashtu5humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Flind3humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or deserts
Gnoll, Gnoll Bouda13humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Gnoll Bruiser3humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Gnoll Lieutenant6humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Gnoll Packlord9humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Gnoll Rageborn3humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Gnoll Ravager11humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Gnoll Sergeant4humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Gnoll Warden10humanoid (gnoll)warm plains or desert
Gnoll, Unchosen4humanoid (gnoll)any
Gnoph-Keh11magical beast (cold)any cold
Goblin1/3humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin Dog1animaltemperate forest, swamp, or underground
Goblin Snake1aberrationany underground or swamps
Goblin, Goblin Chief9humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Goblin Commando2humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Goblin Firestarter4humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Goblin Frog-Talker5humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Goblin Outrider1humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Goblin Sneak1humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Goblin Stickylord6humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Goblin Vulture Pilot3humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Grizzled Rider5humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goblin, Monkey Goblin1/2humanoid (goblinoid)warm forests
Goblin, Mutant Goblin3humanoid (goblinoid)temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Goezspall14magical beastany
Golden Guardian6constructany
Goldpebble5magical beast (aquatic)temperate or cold rivers
Golem, Adamantine Golem19constructany
Golem, Alchemical Golem9constructany
Golem, Behemoth Golem17constructtemperate and warm deserts
Golem, Blood Golem6constructany
Golem, Bone Golem8constructany
Golem, Brass Golem14constructany
Golem, Cannon Golem15constructany land
Golem, Carrion Golem4constructany land
Golem, Clay Golem10constructany
Golem, Clockwork Golem12constructany
Golem, Coral Golem9constructwarm oceans or coastlines
Golem, Crystal Golem11constructany
Golem, Dragonhide Golem16constructany
Golem, Equine Bone Golem10construct
Golem, Fiend-Infused Golem13constructany
Golem, Flesh Golem7constructany
Golem, Fossil Golem12constructany
Golem, Glass Golem8constructany land
Golem, Gold Golem15constructany
Golem, Ice Golem5construct (cold)any cold
Golem, Inubrix Golem14constructany
Golem, Ioun Golem17constructany
Golem, Iron Golem13constructany
Golem, Junk Golem4constructany
Golem, Lead Golem10constructany
Golem, Magnetitie Golem10constructany
Golem, Marrowstone Golem8constructany underground (Darklands)
Golem, Mask Golem4constructany
Golem, Mithral Golem16constructany
Golem, Noqual Golem18constructany (Numeria, Thassilon)
Golem, Obsidian Golem12constructany
Golem, Panthereon11constructany
Golem, Quantium Golem20constructany (Quantium)
Golem, Quintessence Golem20construct (extraplanar)any
Golem, Robot Golem11constructany (Numeria)
Golem, Sand Golem9constructany
Golem, Sentient Wax Golem4constructany
Golem, Shadow Golem14constructany
Golem, Stone Golem11constructany
Golem, Viridium Golem18constructany
Golem, Wax Golem3constructany
Golem, Wood Golem6constructany
Gorgon8magical beasttemperate plains, rocky hills, and underground
Gorynych15dragontemperate forests
Gowrow5dragon (aquatic)temperate lakes or rivers
Grand Defender15construct (extraplanar)any land (extraplanar)
Granule Construct Swarm6construct (swarm)living hosts in any climate
Grassling6feytemperate plains
Gravebound4undead (earth)any land (graveyards)
Graveknight11undead (augmented humanoid)any land
Graven Guardian5constructany land
Gravesludge12oozeany land
Gravitic Globe10construct
Gray4humanoid (gray)any
Gray Goo14construct (swarm)any
Gray Ooze4oozecold marshes and underground
Gray Render8magical beasttemperate marshes
Great Old One, Atlach-Nacha28aberration (evil, Great Old One)any underground
Great Old One, Bokrug27magical beast (aquatic, chaotic, extraplanar, Great Old One)any water
Great Old One, Cthulhu30aberration (chaotic, evil, Great Old One)any (R’lyeh)
Great Old One, Ghatanothoa29aberration (chaotic, evil, Great Old One)any
Great Old One, Hastur29aberration (chaotic, evil, Great Old One)any
Great Old One, Ithaqua28monstrous humanoid (air, chaotic, cold, evil, Great Old One)any cold
Great Old One, Mhar26aberration (chaotic, evil, Great Old One)any land
Great Old One, Mordiggian30aberration (chaotic, evil, Great Old One, incorporeal)any
Great Old One, Rhan-Tegoth28aberration (aquatic, chaotic, evil, Great Old One)any
Great Old One, Tawil At'umr30outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, Great Old One)any
Great Old One, Tsathoggua29aberration (chaotic, evil, Great Old One)any (Darklands)
Great Old One, Xhamen-Dor26plant (aquatic, evil, Great Old One)any
Great Old One, Yig27monstrous humanoid (chaotic, Great Old One, shapechanger)any
Green Man26plant (shapechanger)temperate forests
Gremlin, Drexin2feyany underground or urban
Gremlin, Erinat2feyany underground or urban
Gremlin, Fuath1fey (aquatic)any water
Gremlin, Grimple1/3feyany urban
Gremlin, Haniver1/2fey (aquatic)temperate coasts
Gremlin, Hobkins1/2feyany
Gremlin, Jinkin1feyany underground or urban
Gremlin, Monaciello1feyany urban
Gremlin, Nuglub2feyany underground or urban
Gremlin, Nuno1/2feyany warm land or underground
Gremlin, Pugwampi1/2feywarm hills
Gremlin, Vexgit1feyany underground or urban
Grick3aberrationany underground
Griefgall6planttemperate or warm forests or urban
Griffon4magical beasttemperate hills
Griffon, Karadoon6outsider (native)
Grig1feytemperate forests
Grim Reaper, Grim Reaper (Bestiary 5)22undead (extraplanar)any
Grim Reaper, Lesser Death16undead (extraplanar)any
Grimslake6aberration (extraplanar)any
Grindylow1/2aberration (aquatic)any water
Grioth1monstrous humanoidany
Grippli1/2humanoid (grippli)warm forests or marshes
Grisantian Lion14magical beastwarm plains or hills
Grodair5magical beast (aquatic, extraplanar)any water or coastlines
Grootslang16magical beastwarm lakes and rivers
Gryph1magical beasttemperate forests or underground
Guardian Doll3construct (cold)any cold
Guardian Scroll3constructany
Guardian Spirit, Guardian Spirit Imp4outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)any (Hell)
Guecubu8undead (earth)any
Gug10aberrationany underground
Gunpowder Ooze14oozeany land
Gutdragging Lurcher3undeadany land