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Taniniver18dragonany land or underground
Taniwha6magical beast (aquatic)warm rivers
Tanuki4monstrous humanoid (shapechanger)temperate forests or urban
Tarantula Tree19planttemperate or tropical forests
Targotha15aberrationany swamps (tar seeps)
Tatterlorn7undeadany urban
Tattoo Guardian3constructany
Tatzlwyrm2dragonany forests
Tauhoti1/6animaltemperate forests or hills
Taxidermic Grizzly Bear3constructany
Tear of Nuruu'gal6ooze (fire)any land
Tekenu6undeadwarm ruins
Tendriculos6planttemperate or warm forests
Tenebrous Blight6plantany underground
Tenebrous Worm8outsider (extraplanar)any land (Plane of Shadow)
Tengu1/2humanoid (tengu)temperate mountains or urban
Tenome4monstrous humanoidany urban
Tentamort4aberrationany marshes or underground
Termite Swarm6vermin (swarm)warm forests, plains, or underground
Terra-Cotta Soldier6constructany
Tetrolimulus11magical beast (aquatic)temperate coasts
Thassilonian Sentinel, Bronze Sentinel3constructany
Thassilonian Sentinel, Iron Sentinel5constructany
Thassilonian Sentinel, Ivory Sentinel7constructany
Thassilonian Sentinel, Marble Sentinel4constructany
Thawn2humanoid (giant)temperate hills and plains
Thessalhydra18aberrationtemperate swamps
Thin Man4feywarm plains (Nuat)
Thoqqua2outsider (earth, elemental, extraplanar, fire)any land (Plane of Fire)
Thought Eater2aberration (extraplanar)any (Ethereal Plane)
Thrasfyr17magical beast (fire)any
Thremindyr9outsider (air, cold, native)cold hills or mountains
Thriae, Thriae Constructor14monstrous humanoidany
Thriae, Thriae Dancer6monstrous humanoidany
Thriae, Thriae Queen18monstrous humanoidany
Thriae, Thriae Seer11monstrous humanoidany
Thriae, Thriae Soldier4monstrous humanoidany
Thrushmoor Angler8magical beast (aquatic)temperate forests, swamps, and water
Thunderbird11magical beastany hills or mountains
Thylacine1/2animalwarm hills
Thylacine, Brush Thylacine2animaltemperate forest
Tiberolith10constructany coastlines or water
Tick, Giant Tick1vermintemperate forests
Tick, Tick Swarm9vermin (swarm)temperate forests
Tidewretch6undeadany coastlines
Tiefling1/2outsider (native)any land
Tiger4animalany forests
Tiger, Dire Tiger (Smilodon)8animalany forests, plains, and swamps
Tikbalang9monstrous humanoidwarm jungles or forests
Tikoloshe3undead (aquatic)warm forests, oceans, or rivers
Time Dimensional14outsider (extraplanar)any (Dimension of Time)
Titan, Elysian21outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, good)any land (Elysium)
Titan, Hekatonkheires24outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any
Titan, Thanatotic22outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any (Abyss)
Titanboar6animaltemperate hills or forests
Titanic Whip Spider16vermintemperate or warm hills
Tiyanak6undeadany forests
Tizheruk5magical beasttemperate rivers or marshes
Toad, Giant Toad2animaltemperate forests, plains, or swamps
Toad, Glacier Toad6magical beast (cold)cold hills or glaciers
Tobongo (Mwangi Treant)12plantwarm jungles
Tojanida5outsider (extraplanar, water)any water (Plane of Water)
Tongue of Rebuke9constructDragonfall
Tooth Fairy1/4fey (extraplanar)any urban or plains
Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy Monarch3feyany urban
Torble, Torble Swarm2vermin (swarm)
Tortoise, Giant Tortoise1animalwarm deserts or islands
Tortoise, Immense Tortoise8animalwarm islands
Totenmaske7undead (shapechanger)any land or underground
Trailgaunt3undeadany land (wilderness)
Treant8plantany forest
Trench Mist10aberration (air)any
Trench Mist, Trench Zombie6undead (augmented human, human)
Triaxian1/2humanoid (Triaxian)
Tribal Totem6constructany
Triton2outsider (native, water)any oceans
Troggle4humanoid (giant)cold hills and mountains
Troggle, Troggle Raider6humanoid (giant)cold hills and mountains
Troglodyte1humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Beast-Speaker3humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Champion7humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Chieftain8humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Priest3humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Scale-Rider6humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Skulker2humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Sorcerer4humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Tyrant10humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troglodyte, Troglodyte Warren Guard9humanoid (reptilian)any underground
Troll5humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Canopy Troll3humanoid (giant)temperate or warm forests
Troll, Chimney Troll2humanoid (giant)any urban
Troll, Flood Troll2humanoid (giant)temperate swamps or rivers
Troll, Ice Troll4humanoid (cold, giant)cold mountains or underground
Troll, Jotund Troll15humanoid (giant)cold hills or mountains
Troll, Moss Troll3humanoid (giant, shapechanger)cold or temperate forests
Troll, Mountain Troll14humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Rock Troll6humanoid (earth, giant)any underground
Troll, Sewer Troll2humanoid (giant)any underground
Troll, Troll Acolyte6humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Berserker9humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Brute7humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Elder Matron10humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Fury8humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Monarch15humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Render10humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Ripper8humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Troll, Troll Warden6humanoid (giant)cold mountains
Trollhound3magical beastcold mountains
Trompe l'Oeil6constructany urban
Troop, Barrier Breaker Troop7undead (troop)any land
Troop, Cultist Troop11humanoid (elf, troop)any underground
Troop, Goblin Troop5humanoid (goblinoid, troop)temperate forests or plains (usually coastal regions)
Troop, Outlaw Troop7humanoid (human, troop)any land
Troop, Sodden Drauger Troop9undead (troop)any coastal
Troops, Dottari Troop7humanoid (human, troop)
Troops, Glorious Reclamation14humanoid (human, troop)any
Troops, Hobgoblin Phalanx Troop10humanoid (goblinoid, troop)any land
Troops, Hound Archon Troop16outsider (archon, extraplanar, good, lawful, troop)any (Heaven)
Troops, Inquisitor Troop9humanoid (human, troop)
Troops, Ironfang Magehunter Troop14humanoid (goblinoid, troop)any
Troops, Ironfang Siege Alchemist Troop16humanoid (goblinoid, troop)any
Troops, Ironfang Yzobu Rider Troop18humanoid (goblinoid, troop)any
Troops, Morlock Swarmer Troop7monstrous humanoid (troop)any underground
Troops, Warmaze Disciples Troop11monstrous humanoid (troop)any mountains or underground
Trox2monstrous humanoidtropical deserts
Tsaalgrend2plantany underground
Tsukumogami, Boroboroton5outsider (kami, native)any
Tsukumogami, Kasa-obake4outsider (kami, native)any
Tsukumogami, Koto-furunishi2outsider (kami, native)any
Tullimonstrum1animal (aquatic)any oceans
Tulpa6outsider (augmented humanoid, human)any
Tunche17feywarm forests
Turtle1/6animal temperate or tropical forests, oceans, and rivers
Turtle, Giant Snapping Turtle9animaltemperate or warm water or shore
Turtle, Snapping Turtle1/3animaltemperate or warm water or shore
Turul19outsider (extraplanar)any (Positive Energy Plane)
Twigjack3feytemperate forests
Typhilipede2outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful)any underground (Hell)