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Wakandagi14outsider (native, water)temperate rivers
Walcofinde2undeadany underground
Waldgeist8undead (incorporeal)any forests
Walrus, Emperor Walrus8animalcold oceans
Walrus, Walrus (B4)3animalcold oceans
Walrus, Walrus (FF)4animalcold coastlines
Wamp6aberrationany (ruins or graveyards)
War Beast of Belkzen, Bull of Zagresh7animalany hills or plains
War Beast of Belkzen, Warcat of Rull13animalcold hills or mountains
Warden Jack Swarm4construct (swarm)
Warmonger Wasp7construct (extraplanar)any (Abyss)
Warped One8outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar) any (Abyss)
Warpglass Ooze2oozeany
Wasp, Giant Wasp3vermintemperate forests
Wasp, Ground Wasp Swarm2vermin (swarm)warm deserts or plains
Wasp, Wasp Swarm3vermin (swarm)temperate forests
Watcher22outsiderany (Jandelay)
Water Leaper2magical beast (aquatic)any lakes or swamps
Water Orm10magical beast (aquatic)any lakes
Water Strider Swarm1vermin (swarm)temperate lakes, rivers, or swamps
Water Strider, Giant Water Strider1verminany water
Water Strider, Nymph Water Strider1/4verminany water
Water Wraith2magical beast (aquatic)warm rivers (Garund)
Waxwork Creature2constructany
Wayang1/2humanoid (wayang)temperate forests
Weasel, Dire Weasel3animalany land
Weasel, Giant Weasel1animalany land
Weaverworm8aberrationany forests or hills
Weedwhip2planttemperate or warm forests
Wendigo17outsider (cold, native)any cold
Whale10animalany oceans
Whale, Great White Whale14animalany oceans
Whaler Jellyfish17vermin (aquatic)any oceans
Whirlmaw8aberrationwarm deserts (Rahadoum)
Whisperer20fey (extraplanar, incorporeal)any wilderness
Whyrlish15aberration (extraplanar)any air (Astral Plane)
Wickerman13construct (fire)any land
Wikkawak4humanoid (goblinoid)cold mountains
Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt Archer13fey (wild hunt)any land
Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt Horse11fey (wild hunt)any land
Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt Hound10fey (wild hunt)any land
Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt Monarch19fey (wild hunt)any land
Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt Scout15fey (wild hunt)any land
Will-o’-Wisp6aberration (air)any swamp
Wings of Protection8constructDragonfall
Winter Fey (Redcap)7fey (cold)temperate forests, mountains, or underground
Winterwight17undead (cold)any cold land
Wisagatcak14outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful)cold mountains (Hell)
Witchcrow3magical beastcold or temperate forests or plains
Witchcrow1magical beastcold and temperate forests and plains
Witchcrow, Greater Witchcrow3magical beastcold and temperate forests and plains
Witchfire9undead (incorporeal)any swamps or woodlands
Witchwyrd6monstrous humanoidany land
Wizard's Shackle1/2aberration (aquatic)any water
Wolf1animalcold or temperate forests
Wolf, Dire Wolf3animalcold or temperate forests
Wolf, Timber Wolf2animalcold forest or mountains
Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing8aberrationany forest
Wolliped3animaltemperate hills
Wolliped, Wolliped (Combat Trained)3animal temperate hills
Wolliped, Wolliped (Domesticated or Wild)3animal temperate hills
Wolpertinger1magical beasttemperate forests or hills
Wolverine2animalcold forests
Wolverine, Dire Wolverine4animalcold forests
Wooden Protector3plantany forest or jungle
Worg2magical beasttemperate forests and plains
Worg, Winter Wolf5magical beast (cold)cold forests and plains
Worm That Walks14vermin (augmented human)any
Worm That Walks, Locust Variant8vermin (augmented human)
Woundwyrm15dragon (chaotic, evil)any (the Worldwound)
Wrackworm20outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any
Wraith5undead (incorporeal)any
Wraithwing4undeadtemperate mountains
Wrathplated Clockwork Mage10construct (clockwork)any land
Wretchghost5undead (incorporeal)any
Wyrmwraith17undead (incorporeal)any
Wyrwood1/2constructany ruins or underground
Wysp, Aether Wysp2outsider (aether, elemental)
Wysp, Air Wysp2outsider (air, elemental)
Wysp, Earth Wysp2outsider (earth, elemental)
Wysp, Fire Wysp2outsider (elemental, fire)
Wysp, Water Wysp2outsider (elemental, water)
Wyvaran1/2dragontemperate mountains
Wyvern6dragontemperate or warm hills