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Calathgar4plantcold forests
Caliban2monstrous humanoidtemperate and warm forests and marshes
Caligraphy Wyrm2dragonany urban
Calikang12monstrous humanoidtemperate or tropical hills
Caller in Darkness9undead (incorporeal)any
Calpina3feytemperate forests or mountains
Cameroceras11animal (aquatic)any oceans
Camulatz9magical beasttropical jungles
Candlestone Courtier12feyany underground (Darklands)
Canopy Creeper8plantwarm forests
Capacitor Ooze11oozecold deserts or plains
Capramace7aberrationtemperate plains
Carbuncle1magical beastany forests or swamps
Carnivorous Blob13ooze any
Carnivorous Crystal11ooze (earth, extraplanar)any underground (Plane of Earth)
Carrion Creeper10planttemperate forests or plains
Carrionstorm1undead (swarm) any near ghouls
Caryatid Column3constructany
Cassomir Stray4aberrationany urban
Cat Sith2magical beasttemperate hills
Cat, Cheetah2animalwarm plains
Cat, Leopard2animalany forest
Caterpillar, Blood Caterpillar4vermintemperate or warm forests
Caterpillar, Horn Caterpillar1vermintemperate or warm forests
Catfolk1/2humanoid (catfolk)any temperate or warm forest or plains, or urban
Catoblepas12magical beast any swamps
Caulborn7outsider (extraplanar)any
Caulborn, Caulborn Thoughtkeeper9outsider (extraplanar)any
Caulborn, Chrestomath6outsider (extraplanar)any
Cauldron Bloom15plantany cold land
Caustic Stalker7outsider (air, elemental, extraplanar)any underground
Cave Fisher2verminany underground
Cayhound5outsiderany (Elysium)
Caypup2outsider (native)any land
Cecaelia5monstrous humanoid (aquatic)warm water
Centaur3monstrous humanoidtemperate forests and plains
Centaur, Centaur Charger14monstrous humanoidtemperate forests and plains
Centaur, Centaur Forager6monstrous humanoidtemperate forests and plains
Centaur, Centaur Greenspeaker4monstrous humanoidtemperate forests and plains
Centaur, Centaur Outcast7monstrous humanoidtemperate forests and plains
Centianima4undeadany ruins
Centipede, Centipede Swarm4vermin (swarm)temperate or warm forest or underground
Centipede, Giant Centipede1/2vermintemperate or warm forest or underground
Centipede, Giant Whiptail Centipede3vermin temperate or warm forests or underground
Centipede, Titan Centipede9vermin temperate or warm forests or underground
Ceratioidi3monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any saltwater
Cerberi6outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful)any (Hell)
Cerberus Worm14magical beast (aquatic)any oceans
Cerebric Cyst7oozeany ruins or underground
Cerebric Fungus3plantany
Ceru2magical beastany urban (Vudra)
Cervine Protector6outsider (extraplanar, good, lawful)any (Heaven)
Cerynitis7magical beastany plains, hills, or forests
Cetacean, Blue Whale12animalany oceans
Cetacean, Blue Whale12animalany ocean
Cetacean, Crimson Whale8animalany ocean
Cetacean, Narwhal3animalcold oceans
Cetacean, Narwhal3animalcold oceans
Cetus13dragon (aquatic, water)any oceans
Chained Spirit14undead (incorporeal)any
Chalkost4outsider (extraplanar, good, lawful, shapechanger)any (Heaven)
Changeling1/2humanoid (changeling)any
Chaos Beast7outsider (chaotic, extraplanar) any
Charau-ka2humanoid (charau-ka)warm forests
Charau-ka, Deadfall Tracker5humanoidwarm forests
Charau-ka, Devotee of the Ravener King7humanoid (charau-ka)warm forests
Charau-ka, Jungle Trickster8humanoid (charau-ka)warm forests
Charau-ka, Simian Sharpshooter6humanoid (charau-ka)warm forests
Charda7monstrous humanoid (aquatic) cold aquatic or underground
Charnel Colossus19undeadany (Kalexcourt, Ustalav)
Charnel God23constructany
Charybdis13aberration (aquatic) any oceans
Chatterer Swarm8outsider (chaotic, evil)The Worldwound
Chelarac8aberrationany underground
Chelarac, Chelarac Broodling2aberration
Chemosit4magical beastwarm forests
Cherufe13magical beast (fire)any mountains
Chickcharney3magical beastwarm forests, hills, or plains
Child of Yog-Sothoth7aberration (augmented humanoid)any
Chimara, Legendary Chimera13magical beast
Chimera7magical beasttemperate hills
Chitikin4vermintemperate or warm forests or underground
Choker2aberrationany underground
Choking Shade5undead (incorporeal)any
Chon Chon1/2aberrationtemperate or tropical forests or ruins
Chon Chon, Chon Chon Swarm3aberration (swarm)temperate or tropical forests or ruins
Choxani3feyany (First World)
Chronogeist14undead (incorporeal)Crystilan (Xin-Edasseril)
Chupacabra3magical beast warm hills or plains
Chuspiki2magical beast (air)warm hills or mountains
Chuul7aberration (aquatic)temperate swamps
Chuul, Chuul, Lesser4aberration (aquatic)
Chuul, Larval Chuul1aberration (aquatic)
Cicada, Cicada Swarm2vermin (swarm)temperate forests
Cicada, Giant Cicada1verminany temperate or tropical land
Cinder Wolf2magical beasttemperate or warm deserts
Cinderghost7undead (extraplanar, fire, incorporeal)any plains (Plane of Fire)
Cipactli21magical beast (aquatic)any water
Clawbat1magical beasttemperate hills and ruins
Clockwork, Clockwork Angel15construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Assassin13construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Dragon16construct (clockwork)any land
Clockwork, Clockwork Excavator10construct (clockwork)any land
Clockwork, Clockwork Familiar2construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Fiend17construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Goblin3construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Goliath19construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Guardian8construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Gunslinger7construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Hound5construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Leviathan12construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Mage9construct (clockwork)any land
Clockwork, Clockwork Nautiloid14construct (clockwork)any water
Clockwork, Clockwork Overseer7construct (clockwork)any land
Clockwork, Clockwork Priest11construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Servant2construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Snail10construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Soldier6construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Songbird1/2construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Spy1/2construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Clockwork Steed6construct (clockwork)any land
Clockwork, Clockwork Vivisectionist10construct (clockwork)any
Clockwork, Mechanical Efreeti1construct (clockwork)
Clockwork, Toy Golem5construct (clockwork)
Cockatrice3magical beasttemperate plains
Cockroach, Cockroach Swarm2vermin (swarm) any temperate, warm, or urban
Cockroach, Flesh-Eating Cockroach Swarm2verminany temperate, warm, or urban
Cockroach, Giant Cockroach1/2vermin any land
Cockroach, Monstrous Cockroach1/2verminany temperate, warm, or urban
Coeurl8magical beastany land
Coffin Anemone1vermin (aquatic)temperate coastlines or oceans
Cold Rider8fey (cold)any cold
Colour Out of Space10ooze (incorporeal)any
Combusted3undead (fire)any
Commando Construct9construct (augmented, robot)any
Comozant Wyrd4outsider (air, elemental, extraplanar, incorporeal)any oceans (during storms)
Conqueror Worm21aberrationany
Contemplative2monstrous humanoidany urban
Contemplative, Enlightened Contemplative5monstrous humanoidany urban
Copsewight11undeadany forest
Coral Capuchin1magical beast (aquatic)warm coasts or oceans
Corbayrant16magical beasttemperate forests
Cordulegaster6outsider (aquatic, evil, extraplanar)any freshwater (River Styx)
Cordulegaster, Elder Cordulegaster7outsider (aquatic, daemon, evil, extraplanar)any freshwater (River Styx)
Corpse Lotus13planttemperate forests or marshes
Coryphae6feyany underground or urban
Couatl10outsider (native)warm forests
Couatl, Auwaz Couatl6outsider (native)any
Couatl, Chicome16outsider (native)warm badlands or ruins
Couatl, Lord Sun-Warrior15outsider (native)
Couatl, Mix Couatl8outsider (native)any
Couatl, Tletli14outsider (native)any
Couatl, Xiuh Couatl12outsider (native)any mountain
Crab, Crab Swarm4vermin (aquatic, swarm)any aquatic
Crab, Giant Crab2vermin (aquatic)any aquatic
Crab, Shark-Eating Crab7vermin (aquatic)any water
Crab, Shipwrecker Crab13vermin (aquatic)any water
Crackling Skull Swarm10undead (swarm)any
Crag Spider8vermincold mountains
Crawling Hand1/2undead any land
Crawling Hand, Giant Crawling Hand5undead any land or underground
Crepitus5outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful)Hell
Crimson Jellyfish4vermin (aquatic)temperate oceans
Croaker5undead (incorporeal)any land (usually urban)
Crocodile2animalwarm rivers and marshes
Crocodile, Dire Crocodile9animalwarm rivers and marshes
Crocodile, Hetkoshu12animalwarm marshes or rivers
Crocodilians, Deinosuchus8animalany water
Crocodilians, Marine Crocodile3animaltropical oceans
Crocodilians, Saltwater Crocodile5animaltropical coasts and rivers
Crone Queen15undead (cold)cold ruins
Cruciarus12undead (incorporeal)any
Crypt Flower7plantany land
Crypt Thing5undead any underground
Crysmal3outsider (earth, elemental) any underground (Plane of Earth)
Cuero5aberration (aquatic)temperate lakes or rivers
Cursed King10undeadwarm ruins
Cutlass Spider6constructany
Cyclops5humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cyclops, Cyclops Grand-Eye10humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cyclops, Cyclops Lorekeeper13humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cyclops, Cyclops Manhunter7humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cyclops, Cyclops Smasher9humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cyclops, Great Cyclops12humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cyclops, Kabandha9humanoid (giant)any land or underground
Cyclops, Oracular Cyclops7humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cyclops, Savage Great Cyclops18humanoid (giant)any temperate or tropical
Cynosoma12outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, good)any (Cynosure, Elysium)
Cyphergull2magical beasttemperate coasts
Cytillesh Zombie1undead
Cytillipede6magical beastany underground